Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things to do

We are a generation obsessed with lists.
A decade and a half ago, we started watching countdown shows. Today, we upload wishlists and download playlists. There's nothing in our lives that can't be listed out. In serial numbers. From 1 to 10.

There are lists of places to see before you die and movies to watch before you die. There's a Hollywood movie starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson that proves you're never too old or too terminally ill to do the (10?) things that you want to, before you kick that big blue bucket.
There are even lists of the hottest lists in the world.

Now, I like lists. But, my lists usually don't go beyond 3 items. And they rarely have permanent occupants. One month it's Falafal and Andy Garcia. The next, it's Guntur idli and Mohanlal. I am fickle and faithless. Listwise. With 'to do' lists, it's another story altogether. Reality check. I can't get much done. I will never sprout seeds in the little pots, I will never drop a coin into my piggy bank and I will never learn to operate an online banking account. But then, as a curiously titled movie that comes out later this year (Dasvidaniya..something) reiterates, there's more to life than the mundane.

So, I'm making a list. It's not titled. It's not complete. It's not for 'before I die' or 'before i'm born again' or 'before i wake up tomorrow'.
It's for me. Period. So, here goes.
1. I want to paint something that noone will believe I painted.
2. I want to own a houseboat.
3. I want to visit the Victoria College Campus, where my parents fell in love.
4. I want to be three inches taller. Permanently.
5. I want to go to Disney Land. Twenty years too late maybe. But still.
6. I want to learn flair bartending.
7. I want to run a cheese boutique, a shop that sells only little black tops, a coffee shop called Fudgeberry and a Breakfast Bar called......well, I don't know yet.
8. I want to...

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alok yepuri said...

Haha... watch High Fidelity woman.