Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm only one month old at Mindset. But there are some questions that popped up in my head even before I turned a week old. Some of them I have answers for. Some of them, I don't. Some of my questions are downright silly. Some of them are dead serious. But above all, there are two questions that never cease to confound me, chill my spine, make my life seem worthless until I am reborn, enlightened or both.

Q. No. 1 Why does Yadamma never give me tea?

Q. No. 2 Why does Bundu suck?


alok yepuri said...

The 1st answer is simple. It's because she doesn't like women too much (sees them as competition I presume), and because you don't flirt with her enough. Do you ever see her denying Bundu tea?

The answer to the 2nd one is more profound. Why is the world round? Why did the chicken cross the road? Why did Fred marry Wilma? Why is Jeetu the PJ king?
It's just the way nature is. It's a natural wonder (or blunder in some cases). Just leave it be Chairman Meow.

Chandana Menon said...

Basically, you know Yadamma a whole lot better than you know Bundu ;-)

Sue said...

@ alok. Not true, Yadamma loved me sooo much that she would bring me two teas sometimes and even now, one year after I left Mindset, when I drop by at your office she brings me tea in those tiny cups and waits till I finish to take it back.

Hail Yaddamma and her yummy tea.

and Bundu....ummm....ahhh...Bundu sucks, cos I think he likes to suck. It is his Unique Selling Point. It is what he does best and most naturally.